Edible Art – desserts for the Affordable Art Fair

In collaboration with the affordable art fair I'm making art inspired desserts!
Edible Art – desserts for the Affordable Art Fair

I am so excited to blend my love of art and my sweet tooth by collaborating with the Affordable Art Fair! I’m making a dessert of the day that will be available for purchase at the fair. Each day’s dessert is made with a specific piece of art as reference. As you can imagine there were lots of works to chose from and narrowing it down was quite a challenge. If you’re going to be at the fair – look around and let me know which works inspired you!

I drew inspiration from 4 separate works. Check out the videos I made for Balloon Cupcakes inspired by Kimberly Genevieve’s Untitled or the Marbelized Cakes inspired by Ben Skinner’s Womp Womp! Read on to see my edible take on:

Time Traveler by Maggie Taylor –

Time traveler.courtesy of Joanne Artman Gallery

and Annie by Pinar Dupre

EMMANUEL FREMIN GALLERY_Pinar Dupre_Anniecourtesy of Emmanuel Fremin Gallery

I was instantly inspired by Maggie Taylor’s Time Traveler and its complex beauty. There are so many great details in the piece (from the variety of leaves to the book binding) I didn’t even know where to start. Instead of trying to replicate the piece I took a step back and tried to tap into the feelings that drew me into the piece. The colors are rich and alluring and the mood is as earthy as it is whimsical.

Rich, earthy and whimsical translated to a dark, smooth chocolate bite with intense flavor and an unexpected garnish. I’ll be serving two versions of this dessert at the fair each with their own garnish. There is a white chocolate and dark chocolate bark topper for the dark chocolate mousse and for the chocolate espresso mousse I made a coffee chocolate chip shortbread and topped it with candy. Here is the recipe for my decadent chocolate mousse, so you can create your own artwork, or just make a really delicious dessert!

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 11.52.35 AM

Pinar Dupre’s piece is obviously a portrait but it’s also everything but – I love how the neon colors, bold patterns, strong lines somehow create a beautiful woman. I played around with candy and recreated some of my favorite parts of the image. My canvas is a brown butter vanilla cake topped with caramel and fondant. I used all sort of candies and with sugar as my tool I started with the eye and made my own version of this striking face.



All of the works I drew inspiration from will be at the fair and whether you are a seasoned collector, starting to buy art or just looking – come check out my desserts and all the art on display. What really sets the affordable art fair apart to me is that as much as they love art (and they really really do) they don’t take it too seriously (I mean they let me make candy art!). Obviously you can go and walk out with some spectacular art, but you can also just browse, learn more about collecting, discover a new artist, or be inspired to rehang the art you already own.

One of my desserts will be on sale everyday Wednesday Sept 9 – Saturday Sept 12 and on Sunday September 13 at 3:30 I’ll be doing a panel discussing art and food with one of my favorite artists. Come say hi and sample some desserts – hope to see you there!