Individual 7-Layer Dips

Make these mini 7 layer dips and you can customize your favorite flavors and switch up the layers to represent your team!
Individual 7-Layer Dips

Making individual layer dip cups is a great way to customize the dip for your guests. In the glass on the right I added a spicy salsa verde before adding the cooling guacamole to create a mild and spicy option for my guests.


This year’s Superbowl teams have food friendly colors, so it’s easy to show your team love by switching up the layers!

The Patriots: Make Sour cream your last layer and then top with chopped red pepper and crushed blue corn tortilla chips. For the logo, slice a pepper into strips and add a little sour cream star to a blue corn chip. I used a small star shaped piping tip.

The Seahawks: End with Guacamole and top with blue corn tortilla chips. For the logo, put a little sour cream into a zip lock bag. Cut a small hole at the bottom and use it to pipe out the logo onto the guacamole.