No Carve Pumpkins

In the past I've been disappointed in how my pumpkin carving turns out. This year I decided to steer clear of carving pumpkins, and I love how these no-carve pumpkins turned out!
No Carve Pumpkins

Here are 3 takes on the no-carve pumpkin:

These 3 methods can work individually or together. Send us your take on them by tagging your photos on social media or in the comments below!

1.  The spray paint pumpkin


You can spray paint (or paint) your pumpkin any color you like. I like the idea of metallics – silver or gold look great at night and against candle light.

Instead of simply spray painting the pumpkin, try taping shapes or lines on the pumpkin in painter’s tape before painting it. Once the spray paint has dried, you’ll reveal the orange shapes under the tape.




2. Cand-ify your pumpkin. Jordan almonds or gummy bears make great decorations. You can add anything from candy corn to licorice, go candy crazy. Combine 2 Halloween classics, candy and pumpkins and see what creations you come up with.



3. Holes and shapes. Use unexpected tools to ‘carve’ shapes into your pumpkin. Try an electric screwdriver to create dots and holes in any pattern or shape.


Use a cookie cutter – Mini or medium cookie cutters work best. Hammer the cutter through the pumpkin and voila, a perfect shape every time.


How did your pumpkins turn out? I can’t wait to see!