Candle in a Teacup

Candles are always a great gift. Homemade teacup candles are Mother's Day worthy!
Candle in a Teacup

For Mother’s Day I always like to make my mom something, these candles are a beautiful gift and easy to customize. You do need a few supplies like wax chips and wicks, but they should be easy to find online or at a craft store. You can buy scents made for candles or use essential oils.

The teacup adds a beautiful touch, but there are so many options – mason jars, tins, vases, whatever suits your fancy. Enjoy!

  1. I melt my wax chips in an empty tin can, you can use the correct melting vessel if you have it but this works fore me, just make sure the can is clean! Melt twice the amount of chips that it would take to fill your teacup. Place the chips in the can and then start to heat them in a water bath. It will take a few minutes for the wax to heat so take this time to prep the next steps, but keep an eye on the wax and stir it every 30-45 seconds.
  2. Secure the candle wick my placing a glue dot on the bottom of the wick and placing it in the center of the bottom of the teacup. You can also use super glue or double sided tape.
  3. Use chopsticks/ skewers or popsicle sticks to hold the wick in place – tape the two sticks to the side of the teacup so the wick doesn’t tilt when the wax is poured.
  4. When the wax reaches 200 degrees, turn off the heat and add some color by stirring in dye from a dye block. Once the dye has dissolved, take it off the heat and continue to stir it to make sure the temperature read is accurate. The more dye you use, the more saturated your candle will be – or skip this step since a white candle is beautiful too!
  5. Once the wax cools  to 135-125 degrees, add in scent.  If you put it in when the wax is too hot it will just evaporate so make sure to wait.
  6. After adding the scent stir through and once your wax is around 125 degrees pour it into the teacup.  If you pour it in when it is  too hot, the wax will shrink up and not fill the teacup properly.
  7. Adding dried lavender or dried rose petals is perfect for my mom who loves flowers – but it is completely optional. If you want to add some decorative touches let the wax sit for a minute or two so your add ins don’t sink to the bottom.
  8. Let your candle set at room temperature for a few hours – and there you go!