Art Deco Cake

This Art Deco cake combines some of my favorite sweets - frosting and taffy!
Art Deco Cake

The 1920’s and Art Deco periods are one of my favorite inspirations. This cake requires no special equipment and looks surprisingly chic considering it’s made with laffy taffy!

  1. Start with 3 layers of cake. You can cut your cake into layers or bake 3 cakes. The idea is to make the cake somewhat high so you have something to decorate. Place your first layer of cake on your cake stand and lightly frost the top of it.  Repeat with the next two layers of cake, covering the top and sides of the cake with a thin even layer of frosting.  This is called a crumb coating, and will hold in any cake crumbs so your cake looks neat and crumb free.
  2. Refrigerate your cake for 15 – 20 minutes, to harden the frosting. Take your cake out of the refrigerator and carefully apply a thicker layer of frosting.
  3. Place your cake back in the refrigerator while you prepare your decorations.
  4. Roll out your Laffy Taffy or other malleable candy on some parchment paper.
  5. Using a very sharp knife, cut some shapes into the Laffy Taffy.  I started with one large diamond shape to be framed by two triangles on each side.
  6. If your Laffy Taffy doesn’t stick directly to the cake, wet one side of it with water to bring out its stickiness.
  7. Place your center shape on the side of your cake. Frame it with the smaller ones. Build the shapes in alternate directions.
  8. Outline the tops of the triangles with silver balls.  Frame those lines with silver dragées. Straighten out your triangles using spatulas or the side of a knife.  Center some dragées on the top of your cake, and enjoy!