Boozy Berry Cobbler Milkshake

This boozy berry milkshake tastes like summer with a splash of rum.
Boozy Berry Cobbler Milkshake

Ice cream and cobbler have always gone in hand in hand – so turning those flavors into a  milkshake and adding in a little alcohol is the next logical step! Making a berry sauce is an easy way to get lots of taste in a little time. You can make the berry syrup ahead of time and use it as needed. If you want to lower the alcohol content just use it with the berries so it cooks out before you drink it.

Happy sipping!

  1. Start by making the berry sauce. Combine the berries (I used a mix of  blackberries and raspberries but anything in season will do), lemon juice, sugar, vanilla extract, dark rum and orange liqueur in a sauce pan.
  2. Let the sauce bubble on medium heat for about 10 minutes, you want the berries to break down a little bit and all the flavors to come together. Take the sauce of the heat and allow it to cool before blending.
  3. In a blender whip together the vanilla ice cream, most of the cooled berry sauce and a splash (or more if you like) of dark rum.
  4. To serve top the milkshakes with whipped cream, a little berry sauce and some cookies for an extra crumble.