Birdman Cupcakes

These Birdman inspired cupcakes are perfect for an Oscar party!
Birdman Cupcakes

Birdman or (the unexpected virtue of ignorance), is the story of a washed up actor who once played the iconic superhero ‘Birdman’. The director, Alejandro González Iñárritu, tells this story through one long unbroken take – swooping, moving and circling the actors. We had a lot of fun re-creating the dark and moody vibe of the film in our video – hope you like it too!

I was trying to find the right food to pair with this movie and after a few test these boozy and not-to-sweet cupcakes seemed right. For the decorations, just add a few feathers (perhaps left behind by The Birdman himself?) using fondant, I just used store bought black fondant.

Start by making brown butter and bourbon cupcakes.

  1. Take a little fondant and knead it for about a minute. It should feel like a stiff Play-Doh.  Place the fondant between 2 pieces of parchment paper, and use a rolling pin to roll it out. Wrap the rest of your fondant well because this stuff dries out fast.
  2. Use a sharp knife to cut feather shapes out of the fondant.
  3. Make a line down the center of each feather and add some cuts and lines branching off of the main line to add feather-like texture to the fondant.
  4. Paint a little silver glaze onto the feathers.
  5. Lay the feathers on some crumbled aluminum foil and let them dry out fully (this will take at least an hour). Once dry, they will hold whatever shape you gave them with the tin foil.
  6. Frost your cupcakes and decorate with a feather or two.