Birthday Placemats

In about 5 minutes you can throw together a festive birthday table. I like making these placemats because they rely on tracing and tape – and require little to no drawing skills.
Birthday Placemats

How to:

  1. Fold or cut paper into placemats. Construction paper usually comes in the right size for placemats. We used a roll of kraft paper so we simply cut and folded it into the right shape.
  2. Trace a plate in the center of the paper placemat and a ramekin or glass in the upper right quadrant.
  3. Use tape to decorate and create a border.
  4. Write in messages or birthday wishes and embellished as desired.

Just add cake!

We enjoyed it with a vanilla bean cake layered with lemon curd buttercream and sliced strawberries.  The cake is decorated with berries and baby’s breath. It turns out those throwaway deli flowers are actually perfect for cake decorating!