Blank Stripe Manicure

Simple, graphic and pretty - upgrade your nail game for summer!
Blank Stripe Manicure

A little stripe goes a long way when it comes to manicures. Lately, I’ve been all about graphic nail art – throw in a bright color for summer (I used Deborah Lippman, Flowers in her hair) and this is my favorite low-key look. I use french manicure nail strips, but you can also use thin tape or stickers.

Start by prepping your nails and applying a layer of base coat. Wait about 5 minutes, it’s important that the base coast is completely dry before starting or the tape/ nail strip will pull it off.

  1. Apply the sticker or tape to the middle of your nail.  Press the sticker firmly into your nail and tuck in the sides so there is no separation between your nail and the sticker that polish can seep through.  Make sure to apply the stickers to all your nails before applying polish, you won’t be able to place the stickers with wet nails.
  2. Apply two thin layers of polish on the first hand and remove the sticker before the polish has time to dry.  Repeat the same process on the other hand.
  3. Seal the manicure with a layer of top coat!