Bright & Delicious Dips

Try these vivid and yummy dips with veggies, crackers or as a sandwich spread! Avocado & Greek Yogurt or Beet & Goat Cheese, what's your favorite?
Bright & Delicious Dips

These dips are a colorful, flavor-packed alternative to the usual party spreads. Serve them with a mix of vegetables and watch the veggie platter disappear.

For a small party I like to make individual cups of dip for my guests so everyone can double dip to their heart’s content. I also like to use these dips as salad dressing or in sandwiches – hope you like them as much as I do!

Avocado Dip:

  1. Blend together a ripe avocado, lemon zest, white wine vinegar, lemon juice, Greek yogurt and herbs in a food processor. I used chives and parsley but anything green you have on hand would be tasty. Then drizzle a touch of olive oil, about a teaspoon should do it!
  2. Make sure to taste the dip and add salt & pepper to your liking, if your avocado isn’t very ripe or the texture isn’t quite there yet add an extra tablespoon of olive oil to give it creamier finish.

Beet Dip:

Za’atar is a middle eastern spice blend that my mom always has on hand – so of course, now that I’m a grown-up I also always keep some in the pantry. If you can’t find it at your local store try using dried oregano, thyme and sesame seeds for a similar flavor profile.

  1. Combine cooked beets, chopped garlic, goat cheese, za’atar (or any dried spices you like), honey, salt and pepper in a food processor. Add olive oil as necessary.