Cake Bites

Put leftover cake to good use by turning it into these festive cake bites.
Cake Bites

These cake bites are really decadent because of the frosting and you can decorate them any way you like. This is the simplest method and it really pops.

  1. Place your already made cake in a mixing bowl. Break into chunks.
  2. Add some frosting to your cake and mix the two together by hand. You should use almost equal parts cake and frosting, about 40% frosting and 60% cake.
  3. Pour your sprinkles onto a plate.
  4. Shape your cake and  frosting mixture into bite-sized shapes.  I think  making them round is the easiest but cake squares are just as delicious!
  5. Roll your cake bites through the sprinkles, covering them completely.  You can use different types of sprinkles for different types of cake, so your guests can tell them apart.