Deco Headpiece

These Art Deco-inspired headbands are the perfect finishing touch to a 1920's theme party.
Deco Headpiece

Not everyone loves a theme party as much as I do, so providing your guests with props is an easy way to get everyone into the party spirit. This is an easy alternative to buying costumes and your guests will be wowed by the personal touch.

You can use so many different materials, look through scraps of fabric and lace or dig through old costume jewelery for inspiration.

  1. If you’re using a piece of lace to make your headband, begin by measuring how much material you will need by wrapping it around your head.  If your base is an elastic headband, untie it to give yourself a flat piece to work on and measure it the same way.
  2. Cut a feather down to a few inches and glue it to the headband.  Cover the bottom tip of the feather by gluing an earring,  broach or a rhinestone on top of it. I used large discount costume earrings I found – if you go with earrings make sure to remove the backing or fastening before gluing them down.
  3. Make sure to pick your lace up off of the table while the glue is drying!