Hannukah Mantlepiece

Here is a simple and elegant way to create a deconstructed menorah as a mantlepiece or centerpiece. I like that it uses household items but looks so beautiful that you will want to look at it for at least 8 days.
Hannukah Mantlepiece
  1. Start with 9 glasses, place the center glass on a book, box or pedestal. Fill the glasses with water, pouring more water into the center glass and less as you get to the sides.
  2. Add votive candles to the glasses.
  3. Decorate your centerpiece with whatever you have on hand. Start with large items like a decorative branch.
  4. Frame your candles with flowers, and then add smaller edible decorations like fruits (grapes and figs) or vegetables and then add some silver accents like jordan almonds.  Use your favorite things to make it your own!