Girlie Grey Tea

Infusing Earl Grey tea with rose petals sounds simple but it adds so much flavor, dress it up a little and it becomes a beautiful gift!
Girlie Grey Tea

Adding rose petals to Earl Grey tea totally changes the flavor profile of both, you end up with a delicious, bold  and fruity tea – I call it ‘Girlie’ Grey Tea. Try and you will thank me!

Use any Earl Grey tea  you enjoy drinking by itself. Dried rose petals are easy to find, just make sure they are food grade and high quality. It’s easy to make your own by buying organic small bush roses and drying them out. If you want to use the regular long roses, make sure you take off the outer leaves and the white base of the rose as they can be bitter.

Some Earl Grey Teas already uses roses in the blend (French Earl Grey generally does). Feel free to play around with the ratio of Roses to Tea. 2 cups of tea to 1/3 cup of rose petals works for me, but you can always adjust to your liking!

  1. Gently break apart the roses and add them to the tea.  Mix together and spoon the mixture into a sealable container. Store in a cool, dry place.
  2. To make it into a gift, spoon the tea into a small container, place in a larger teacup, label and wrap!