Holiday Glassware

Here are some simple ways to temporarily upgrade glassware for the holidays. Tape and acrylic paint can spruce up your regular glasses for special events and then removed the next day.
Holiday Glassware

I think metallic tape and paint add a touch of glamor to a holiday bar. The combinations are endless and you can use any mix of tapes or paints and stencils. Try it out!

For the basic tape embellishment:

  1. Begin by taping around the bottom of the glass, staying right on the base.
  2. Spiral the tape up the glass, retaining the same distance from the row below and staying on the same slope. Don’t be afraid to course correct as you go.
  3. I like to go about 70% of the way up the glass before cutting and securing the tape.

For the paint and stencil embellishment:

  1. Place your stencils anywhere on the lower half of the glass.  Paint over them and remove the stencils before the paint dries.
  2. I waited about 12 hours before gently washing the glasses.  Make sure to scrub off the paint within three days, so the paint easily washes off your glasses.