Honey Marshmallows

I used to think I didn't like marshmallows until I tried making them at home. They taste so different then the store bought kind - and using honey rather than corn syrup gives them an extra boost of flavor.
Honey Marshmallows

This recipe is really simple, but for the best results you will need a candy thermometer and a stand mixer ( or a hand blender). This is one of those recipes that is delicious year round – from summer s’mores to winter hot chocolate – and you can mix in flavors and add-ins to complement and customize your marshmallows.

  1. In a stand mixer, hand whisk gelatin with cold water and vanilla.  Stir together until it has the consistency of apple sauce.
  2. In a pan, heat sugar, honey, water and salt.  Don’t stir or touch the sugar – or you will cause it to form crystals and you might end up with rock candy! Heat  to 240 degrees.  Slowly pour the hot sugar into the mixer.
  3. Blend on low speed until everything is incorporated, and then bump up the speed for about 10 minutes or until your marshmallow mixture is fluffy and shiny.*
  4. Coat a baking dish with powdered sugar, to prevent your marshmallows from sticking,  and then evenly pour the marshmallow mixture in.
  5. While the top of your marshmallows is sticky you can coat the surface with toppings like peppermint, crushed candies, coconut, powdered chocolate or just dust with powdered sugar. Lightly cover and leave your marshmallows to dry out for at least 8 hours.
  6. Cut it into long slices, cleaning off your knife between each cut, and adding powdered sugar to the sides of your fresh marshmallows as you go.

* For flavored marshmallows, add a few drops of flavoring right before turning off the stand mixer. One of my favorites are orange marshmallows, I add a touch of orange oil and a little vanilla extract along with a drop of orange food coloring the minute before I’m done whisking it all together.