Honi Honi

Celebrate the end of Mad Men with a Honi Honi - a tropical cocktail from the 1970s!
Honi Honi

As Mad Men draws to a close I wanted to do something to celebrate one of my favorite shows. This video was a fun one to make, not least of all because we were having cocktails at work – and what’s more Mad Men than that? Plus, I love any excuse to dress up in costume and as you can tell I didn’t pass up this opportunity.

The Honi Honi tastes sort of like a whiskey sour, but I think it has a lot more flavor. It is definitely worth trying – trust me! Orgeat Syrup was a total discovery for me – it’s delicious! It’s pronounced Or-zat, which I didn’t know when making the video so just pretend I said it right. It’s not hard to find, and I’ve started experimenting with making my own (recipe coming soon).

If you don’t have any Orgeat Syrup try adding a few drops of almond extract to 1/2 cup of simple syrup and increasing the amount of Grand Marnier to a full ounce. You won’t get the complex notes of Orgeat but you will still have a delicious drink.

Cheers Honey!

  1. In a shaker combine ice and all your ingredients – bourbon, grand-marnier, Rose’s lime juice and orgeat syrup.
  2. Give it a good shake and pour over ice.
  3. For the full 70s experience garnish with pineapple and a maraschino cherry  and/or add a swizzle stick for some extra flair!