Ice Cream Cone Manicure

I'm always in the mood for ice cream - even on my nails!
Ice Cream Cone Manicure

This simple manicure screams summer! As with any manicure make sure to start by cleaning, filing and prepping your nails with a layer of base coat.

  1. Paint your non-accent nails (all but the thumb and middle finger), I used a light blue color.
  2. Paint ice cream scoops on your middle fingers by dabbing white nail polish on the middle of the nail.
  3. Paint a long beige triangle onto your thumb, this will be the cone.  Add a second coat if needed.
  4. Fold a piece of tin foil for your palette and add a drop of brown nail polish to it.  Using a striping brush or small paint brush, line the outside of the cone with the thin lines of brown nail polish.  Add long crisscrossed lines inside the cone to give it a waffle cone texture.
  5. Add some colorful drops of polish to your tin foil palette -these will be the sprinkles.  Starting with the lightest color, use a striping brush or small brush to paint on the sprinkles. Maybe even add a little cherry on top?
  6. Apply a layer of top coat and you are ready to celebrate the summer with your nails.