Knitted Ball Ornament

These simple knitted ornaments add a soft, handmade touch to a Christmas tree.
Knitted Ball Ornament

If you’re a knitter – you’ll have a blast making these ornaments.

  1. Start by casting on twelve stitches.
  2. Slip your first stitch by taking it from the needle with the stitches to the other needle, without knitting it.
  3. Knit down that row until you get to the last stitch.  When you reach that point, turn your work by switching your needles around.
  4. Slip the next stitch off and knit down the rest of that row of stitches, leaving two at the end.
  5. Continue the same pattern until you have four stitches left at the end of the row.
  6. Once you have four remaining stitches on the row, slip a stitch and then continue all the way across that row.
  7. To bridge the gap between needles, take your left needle and slip it between the “T” between stitches and knit the next two stitches together.
  8. Repeat once and then do the same thing in the other direction.
  9. Once there is a gap again, slip the needle into the T and knit the next two stitches together.   Continue the pattern until your first wedge is finished.
  10. To start the second wedge, slip the first stitch off and repeat the process of the first wedge.
  11. Bind off by knitting two stitches and slipping the first stitch over the second, and continuing that pattern.  Leave ten inches of yarn at the end and sew your wedges together, leaving a little hole.
  12. Turn your ball inside out and stuff it.
  13. To add a hanger, do a crochet single chain that is about 5 inches long.  Make your hanger into a loop and sew it to your ball!