Lamprey Pie

These lamprey-less lamprey pies are fit for a King and they'll be a hit with any Game of Thrones fans.
Lamprey Pie

Lamprey pies are a delicious dish in the Game of Thrones universe, they were also considered a delicacy in medieval Europe. Lamprey eels are a jaw-less fish, look them up and you’ll see why I didn’t love the idea of cooking with them. Instead of using actual lampreys, I took inspiration from the lamprey pie and made a version that seemed a lot more appetizing to me.

To make the pie dough follow my easy basic pie dough recipe, just make sure to omit the sugar. You can also use store bought dough or puff pastry if you prefer. This recipe is almost more of a method than an exact blueprint, so feel free to play with the ingredients. I made a mushroom and goat cheese version that was really tasty!

  1. Add olive oil and the cleaned, diced, leeks to a pan and heat on medium.
  2. Once the leeks have started cooking add the mushrooms, salt (about 1 tsp), a pinch of pepper and any additional herbs you have on hand (I a little used dried oregano and thyme).
  3. Make a little space in the saucepan and melt the butter in that spot, pour the flour right over it and mix the two until they thicken. This should only take a few seconds,  mix the butter/flour paste in with the other ingredients.
  4. Add in a sprig of fresh thyme and white wine. Mix everything together. Incorporate the cooked and shredded (or cubed) chicken and let everything cook together for a few minutes. This is your pie filling so  it should be thick but not too soup-y or too dry.
  5. Roll out the pie dough. Cut out a piece of dough that will fit the sides and bottoms of your individual pie tin. If you don’t have individual pie tins you can just form pies with your hands or make mini ones in a cupcake tin. Press the circle of dough into the tin so that bottom and most of the sides are covered.  Fill the dough with the chicken and veggie filling and top with a slice of prosciutto.
  6. Cut a second smaller circle of dough and use a cookie stamp to make a pattern. You can also score it with a fork or use other kitchen items to make a design (a potato masher works particularly well) . Place the top circle on top of the pie  and seal it using a fork.
  7. Brush the pies with a bit of egg wash (1 egg whisked together with a few tablespoons of water) and bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.