Manhattan Bar

If you don't have the time (or the alcohol) to set up a full bar - try setting out a signature cocktail your guests can customize.
Manhattan Bar

I’m setting up this Make -Your -Own -Manhattan Bar for New Year’s Eve. It fits my Art Deco theme and I think there is something for everyone to enjoy. I’m also using up a mix of liquors and mixers – which is a great way to use up all the bottles I’ve opened up and never finished.

Since it’s New Year’s Eve – I set up a tower of disposable champagne coupes because Champagne is so festive –  but any glasses would be fine.  For a  non- New Year’s get together, just set up the Manhattan bar, they’re delicious and your guests can customize their drinks!

  1. Set out the basics for a Manhattan – I’m using  Whiskey, Rye and Bourbon, a few types of Vermouth, and a mix of bitters. I like to add height and mix of objects to dress up the bar. I used books and a throw to give it some character.
  2. Next to that provide your guests with ice, shakers, measuring tools ( you can use shot glasses) and garnishes. Some of my favorite garnishes are maraschino cherries, orange twists and lemon twists.
  3. Display a recipe on the bar so your guests know what to do. The basic recipe I suggest is –  2 parts rye or whiskey or bourbon + 1 part Vermouth + 2 dashes of bitters + garnish!