Marble Paper

Marble paper is beautiful and lets you add a homemade touch to things like invitations, cards or scrapbooks.
Marble Paper


  1. Whisk together some water, methocel, and a bit of ammonia until the mixture becomes clear.
  2. Pour the water into a tray and let the bubbles set.  This could take up to 12 hours so you can just leave the water out for a few days as well.
  3. Once the methocel is set, thin your acrylic paints with some water and add paint drops to the solution using a paintbrush or an eyedropper.
  4. You can let the paint drops stay as they are or swirl them using a toothpick or a comb.
  5. Lay a sheet of paper onto your paint, give it a second to set, and peel it off and place it somewhere to dry.  Repeat the same process on your other sheets of paper.