Nail Tape Manicure

This nail tape manicure is simple and chic!
Nail Tape Manicure

This is my go-to quick manicure. It looks so chic and takes no time at all. It’s perfect for this time of year, when there are so many parties and gatherings. You can find nail tape at beauty supply stores or online.

  1. Apply a layer of base coat.
  2. Paint a little bit less than half of your nail (like a thicker french manicure). Apply one or two coats of color.
  3. Apply nail tape right where the color start, separating the painted part of the nail from the clear part.
  4. Cut and press down the edges of the tape, sealing it to the nail.
  5. Apply a top coat over the entire nail to seal the manicure, wait a few minutes and apply a second layer of top coat to really seal your tape.