Packing For a Beach Holiday

Here are some easy tips for packing a carry-on for a beach vacation. Bon Voyage!
Packing For a Beach Holiday

Packing can seem stressful but these travel tips should help you get to the beach with everything you need! I like to carry-on whenever possible, so the amount of clothes is geared to fitting into a small suitcase, but the same guidelines apply for longer trips and larger luggage as well.

I’m including my packing list as a jumping off point – it works well for a 4 or 5 day beach trip, especially if you wear jeans on the plane so you have an extra pair of pants with you.

  1. Begin by looking at all of the items you want to bring.  Make sure that you can mix and match them. I like to make sure that everything I can bring can be worn as part of at least 2 outfits.
  2. Place your small items like bathing suits, underwear and socks into zip-lock bags.  Try to press out as much air as possible.
  3. Fold!!! Fold everything into the most compact size possible, this will really help you maximize your space. Once all your items are folded it’s like a real life game of tetris.
  4. Pack your toiletries on top so they can be easily accessed at the airport.
  5. Bring extra baggies to store wet bathing suits and dirty laundry in.
  6. The front pocket on your suitcase is an ideal place to pack flat items like magazines and flip flops.