This pavlova combines fluffy meringues with yummy cream cheese and delicious winter fruits.


  1. Add 5 egg whites to your stand mixer and beat them for a minute on medium to high speed.
  2. When they begin to double in size, slowly add your sugar to the beating eggs, about one third of it at a time.
  3. When the eggs are shiny and half way up the blender, add in your corn starch and vanilla. Turn it off and set it aside for a minute.
  4. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and trace the back of some plates on it.
  5. Flip the parchment paper over and pour the meringues onto it, using the circles to gage how large you want the meringues to be.
  6. To make your cream cheese filling: beat some whipping cream in a blender and add some sugar as it starts to thicken.  When the cream has doubled in size, add in the room temperature cream cheese and vanilla.  Let the blender go for a few more seconds.
  7. To form the pavlova, place your meringue on a plate and cover it with your cream cheese filling.  Add your fruit on top of that!  I used cherries, plums, orange zest and blood orange.