Photo Booth

This DIY photo booth turns any party into a night to remember!
Photo Booth


  1. Start by cutting shapes like mustaches, bow ties, glasses and speech bubbles out of construction paper. Draw them in pencil before and cut away!  Decorate your shapes using markers, glitter, sequins or paint. You can also cut out shapes like lips from magazine ads.
  2. Stick your shapes to the ends of bamboo skewers using glue or glue dots.
  3. For a backdrop, you can tape a gold garland across a blank wall.  Make sure to use painter’s tape, so you don’t chip or peel your paint.
  4. Once you set up your backdrop, set your props nearby so you and your guests can easily access them during your photo booth fun! You can also use props you have at home like hat, masks, decorative objects and sunglasses.
  5. I like using a cellphone to capture photos but you can also set up a tripod and even put your phone camera on a timer if you want a more professional feel!