Pitch Perfect 2 Cupcakes

I'm pretty sure Fat Amy would crush these cupcakes after some horizontal running!
Pitch Perfect 2 Cupcakes

Sometimes I think I should sing all of Pitch Perfect and then I hear Fat Amy’s voice saying “Hmm… better not”.  Trust me I’m doing you a favor by not singing and I’m definitely doing Pitch Perfect fans a favor by making these cupcakes!

Making your own stencils is labor intensive but it’s really fun and I got a huge kick out of these cupcakes – Crushed it! Don’t be too fussy or try to replicate the images perfectly just put on pitch perfect and the time will fly by, it did for me.

  1. Find an image or a few images online. I searched for Pitch Perfect 2 movie posters and found a lot of good group shots and close ups of the Bellas. You can use any image, I like working with faces because they have a few small details but not so many that it becomes overwhelming.
  2. Once you’ve selected some images, adjust the color. Turn the exposure way up and increase the contrast until there is a big difference between the light and dark parts of the image. The point is to make the darkest details easy to identify.
  3. Print the image, I recommend printing a grid of 4 -6 images per page. This way you have plenty of extras in case you need to start over plus it automatically makes the image about cupcake size and will keep the image quality sharp.
  4. Use painter’s tape to secure the image to a cutting mat. If you don’t have painter’s tape use regular tape but keep in mind that regular tape will rip the paper when you remove it so keep it on the outside of the image.
  5. Now for the important part – making the stencil!!!! Use a craft knife to cut out all the dark parts of the image. Keep the white/lighter parts of the image intact creating a stencil where the dark parts of the image can be recreated on any surface. Start with any large or outlining features like hair or jawlines. Then work on the obvious details like eyes and mouth. Lastly take a look at the image and see which small details add big impact, often things like shadows on the side of the nose or the shape of an eyebrow make a huge difference. At any point you can turn the image over and see what you’ve exposed, and then adjust from there. You can start small and then widen the cut outs.  Some helpful tips to keep in mind as you make the stencils.  A) Make sure to include all the key details but don’t cut out too much or the picture will be hard to decipher. B) Try to keep everything – or most of the image – connected, if there are lots of separate pieces the stencils become too delicate to handle. C) Cheat a little if you need to, you are not trying to make a perfect replica of the image just use it as a template and feel free to add an extra piece of hair to cover a mistake or add definition to part of the image.
  6. Prep the cupcakes for stenciling by trimming the top. Apply the frosting creating a flat, even top.
  7. Freeze the cupcakes for at least 5 minutes before decorating. The icing should be very firm so the stencil can sit on top of the icing without sinking in. If you are making a lot of cupcakes leave some in the freezer while you work so they’re ready when you need them.
  8. Place the stencil in the center of the cupcake and press it into the cupcake so there are no gaps between the paper and the frosting.
  9. Use edible glitter or cocoa powder to decorate light frosting and powdered sugar to decorate dark frosting. Sprinkle the powder evenly over the stencil making sure to get every part of it.
  10. If you are using a stencil with lots of cut outs it may be easier to remove it by flipping over the cupcake and peeling off the stencil while the cupcake is upside down so any falling powder falls down rather than back on to the cupcake. If you are using a large stencil with smaller details it’s easiest to just gently peel it off the cupcake.
  11. Before re-using the stencil gently wipe off both sides with a paper towel until it is completely free of anything that could smudge the next cupcake.