Postcard Resolutions

These postcards are one of my favorite holiday crafts! It's an easy way to help my family and friends remember their intentions for the year.
Postcard Resolutions

Most New Year’s resolutions don’t last all January let alone all year, so here is a beautiful way of encouraging your holiday guests to stick with it. I make these postcards and then leave them out all holiday season. I make sure everyone fills them out (with their resolution AND their address) by New Years Eve and then I mail them in early February when every one needs a boost of will power!

  1. Decorate your postcards! Use any image you’d like and simply glue it to the front of your notecard. Or try drawing a pattern. I like this simple pattern drawn by stacking half circles and then adding a few more lines to each arch.
  2. On the back of your postcards, give your guests spaces to put their names and addresses by tracing three lines on the right hand side of the paper, like a postcard.
  3. Give them a place to write their Resolutions.
  4. Stamp your postcards and encourage everyone to fill them out and talk about their goals for 2015!