Gravestone RIP Cupcakes

These gravestone cupcakes are festive and delicious. I like any excuse to add cookies and cookie crumbs to my cupcakes!
Gravestone RIP Cupcakes
  1. Mix a little of your frosting with some black food coloring.
  2. Mix the remaining frosting with green food coloring, and use the green icing to frost your cupcakes.
  3. Slice a cookie in half. Sandwich cookies work really well.
  4. Put the black frosting in a food storage bag, if you don’t have a piping tip just cut a small hole in the bag.
  5. Pipe RIP onto the cookie.
  6. Place the RIP cookie in your cupcake.
  7. Add some crushed cookie crumbs ‘graveyard dirt’ to your cookie.

Feel free to add any spooky extras or Halloween candy.