Looks like Chicken Tastes like Cake

It may look like chicken but it tastes like cake, happy April Fools' Day!
Looks like Chicken Tastes like Cake

Elettra Wiedemann is one of those people who can make even the most mundane thing seem new and exciting, so I wasn’t surprised when she came up with the idea of making an April fools’ cake that looks like a roast chicken. How amazing is it to have a friend who can make me look at cake in a whole new way?!? Aside from being brilliant, funny and creative, Elettra is also the creator of Impatient Foodie,  where she makes delicious goodies and chronicles her gastronomical adventures.

The only thing better than baking and eating is baking and eating with a friend, so this video is one of my favorites. Hope you have as much fun watching it as we did making it! Don’t worry if this cake sounds complicated it is surprisingly simple to pull off – all it takes is some cutting, trimming and a few heaps of frosting.

You will need 2 layers of cake, I felt lazy and just made a giant cake by baking 2 batches of batter in one rectangular 9×13 cake pan. You can also make 2 cakes and you will probably have a nicer starting point, but either way is fine. I doubled my brown butter and vanilla bourbon cake recipe, feel free to use any cake you want (even boxed cake or store bought).

Wait until your cake has completely cooled before starting the chickenification process and work with room temperature icing so it is easy to spread. If you can’t easily picture a roast chicken, have at look at some images before you start trimming the cake. Bon Appetit!

  1. You will need 2 layers of cake, so if you made one large cake slice into 2 layers. The center of the cake often rises a bit more than the rest of the cake when baking and creates a small dome, level off this part of the cake using a large serrated knife. Do not discard this piece, we will be using it to help create the rounded top of the chicken.DSC04008
  2. Trim the cake into a square by cutting off 2 or 3 inches of the rectangle. Take the first layer and frost it, place the second layer on top of the first and frost it as well.DSC04014
  3. Take the top ‘dome’ part of the cake that you leveled off in step one. Cut the sides off of it and place them with the flat sides facing each other on top of the first two layers of cake.DSC04026DSC04028
  4. Use a large knife to cut equal triangles off of the two top corners of the chicken, these will be the wings. Make sure to save the scraps!DSC04045
  5. Cut larger triangles with more of a steep angle off of the two bottom corners on the other side for the drumsticks.
  6. For the wings, take one layer of cake and cut a smaller triangle into it. This should create a sort of L shape, use frosting to attach the first wing and then repeat the same process on the other front corner.DSC04054
  7. For the drumsticks, use two layers of cake. Place the larger cut corners icing-side in on the remaining two corners of the cake. Position them cut side up. Take a sharp knife and cut a rounded semi circle into the base of the triangle to create a drumstick.  Trim the top of the triangle to finish the drumstick.DSC04063
  8. Place the whole cake in the freezer for at least 10 minutes or the refrigerator for 30 minutes so the icing hardens and the cake is easier to frost.
  9. Take a look at the general shape of your cake and trim as necessary I like to cut off the sides between the wings and drumstick to thin out the chicken. I didn’t do this on my first try and my cake looked more like a turkey – pretty cool but not quite right.DSC04082
  10. Add brown food coloring to your leftover icing. Frost the top of your cake in big strokes using a spoon or a spatula.  Frost the sides using a smaller knife or spatula. Place the cake back in the freezer for another 15-20 minutes and up to 3 hours.DSC04123
  11. After you take your chicken out of the freezer it is time to brûlée the “skin” to give it that “roasted” look.  Sprinkle some sugar on the top of the cake and run your brûlée torch or grill lighter over the sugar until it browns.  You can also mix crumbs with your frosting and layer that on top to give it the appearance of chicken skin.DSC04151

Garnish the roast chicken with some herbs and lemons.  I served it with leftover cake pieces as cornbread, candy peas and carrots and caramel as gravy. Ta-da – dessert that looks like dinner!DSC04174