Salad Skewers

These bite sized Greek salads skewers are a delicious party food and a nice alternative to the usual veggie and dip.
Salad Skewers

I always like to put out fresh vegetables as a party snack and this is such a yummy and beautiful way to serve them up. You can’t go wrong by mixing the elements of your favorite salad – so here is a Greek salad skewer, but feel free to try it with any blend of ingredients. The key is to make sure to get a few colors and textures in each bite.

  1. Start with the items that are easiest to pierce, like a cherry tomato half.
  2. Follow that with a mint leaf, a slice of red pepper and a cube of feta cheese.
  3. Finish it off with something sturdy and squared off so it will anchor the salad skewer if you can find watermelon radish the color is incredible and the flavor is mild but spicy, a crisp piece of cucumber works well too.
  4. Serve with a alongside your favorite salad dressing or just some good balsamic vinegar- Enjoy!