Thanksgiving Placemats

These placemats are a fun Thanksgiving day craft, you can make them ahead of time for your guests - or encourage people to make their own while waiting for dinner!
Thanksgiving Placemats

I like the idea of putting gratitude right on my table and encouraging conversation around thanks at the start of my holiday meals. Plus, since they’re made of paper, these place mats make it super easy to clean up after the big meal – and I’m always thankful for help with that!

This year I have so many things to be thankful for – it’s been an epic year and I’m looking forward to celebrating and relaxing with my loved ones this holiday season. Thank you so much for visiting Eat Make Celebrate – I am so grateful every time someone, clicks, creates or comments! I feel so lucky that I to share some of my favorite things with friends, family and friends I haven’t met yet.

Please let me know what you’re thankful for and how your holidays turn out. I Love seeing pictures and hearing from you. You can always tag us @eatmakecelebrate or use the hashtag #eatmakecelebrate and of course feel free to comment. I will be looking through Instagram for peeks everyone’s Thanksgivings and during the entire holiday season.

Sending you lots of gratitude and wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving!

xx Yasmina

  1. Cut or fold your Craft paper to the desired size of you place mats. If you have a roll of craft paper these work well as runners too.
  2. Trace a plate or round object  in the center of your place mats, followed by utensils and a smaller circle for your glass.
  3. Create a frame free hand or by using a template – I used a note card, because my free hand drawings are shaky at best.
  4. Add some color using stencils and paint or embellish it with doodles and drawings. If you have a kids coming over for the holiday meal – or adults who enjoy crafting like me, just put out pens and crayons and let everyone decorate their own.
  5. Encourage your guests to share what they’re thankful for – and give them space to write it down.