Veggie Flower Arrangement

These flower arrangements combine flowers, vegetables and herbs to create a centerpiece that is sophisticated and rustic. Plus, they re-purpose extra vegetables and herbs!
Veggie Flower Arrangement

I often wish there was a bit more green on my holiday table – and I often find myself with bits of unused herbs or veggies. I started gathering the leftover vegetables and using them as centerpieces. This is really easy and there isn’t much of a method, just play around and see what works.

I think a rectangular vase is the most foolproof way to make an arrangement, but any short vase will do.

  1. Begin by cutting your asparagus (or any small green vegetable) to the same height. In a vase, start placing your vegetable and create the lowest level of your arrangement.
  2. Trim your flowers to be taller than the asparagus and set them in the vase.
  3. Fill in the gaps with dill or another herb. I also like using mint and rosemary.

For a miniĀ optionĀ set mint in a regular glass with water and fill in the arrangement in with flowers and a few pieces of asparagus.