Marbleized Cakes

These marbled desserts are part of a collaboration with the Affordable Art Fair.
Marbleized Cakes

I’m always looking for unexpected dessert inspiration so I’m thrilled to collaborate with the Affordable Art Fair and create art inspired sweets. Ben Skinner’s Womp Womp was a fun piece to work with because of the beautiful marbling and the balance of the colors, substance and text.

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  1.  Start by adding sprinkles to the cake batter. I used sprinkles that match the piece, but feel free to use any kind of sprinkles.
  2. Pour half of the batter into a greased baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
  3. Add a few drops of pink food coloring to the rest of the batter. Once you’ve achieved your desired shade pour the pink batter into the baking sheet right over the other batter.
  4. Repeat this step with orange or another color if you’d like. Add the last of the batter to the pan.
  5. Use a knife or spatula to swirl the colors together creating a marble pattern. Bake the cake and allow it to cool completely before proceeding to the next step.
  6. Add a few spoonfuls of jam to a light colored icing. I used cherry jam and cream cheese frosting. Swirl the two together.
  7. Cut the cake in half and spread frosting on one half of the cake. Stack the other half on top and fill in the edges with frosting. Place the cake in the freezer for at least an hour – It is much easier to work with when it is cold and solid.
  8.  Using a large knife, trim the edges of the cake and slice it into rectangles.  Place the rectangles on a cooling rack or aluminum foil.
  9. Melt candy melts and pour them over each the rectangles one at a time. Use a knife or spatula to smooth it over the edges. Refrigerate the cakes until the candy melts harden.