Wrapping Paper From a Paper Bag

This simple way to make homemade wrapping paper makes the outside of your gifts as personalized as the inside.
Wrapping Paper From a Paper Bag

DIY wrapping paper is great if you’ve run out of gift wrapping supplies and it’s also a wonderful way to personalize gifts for your loved ones.

  1. To begin, pull off any handles on the bag.
  2. Cut down the seam or the middle of the bag.  Stop at the bottom and cut through it or peel it apart. Once the bottom has been taken apart, continue cutting along the seam.  Unwrap the bag into a flat piece of paper.
  3. Cut off what used to be the bottom of the bag, creating a clean rectangle. (For a larger gift, glue or tape two pieces of paper together).
  4. Wrap your present.
  5. Personalize your wrapping paper using markers, ribbons, or even homemade stamps like a pencil eraser or a gummy bear!